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I was wondering how to replace the headlight bulbs, I removed 2 bolts on top of headlight assembly but I still cant free it up. Is there any other fasteners to be removed or unclipped. I lost my owners manual.

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Saturday, May 19th, 2007 AT 8:44 PM

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I just had to change my front headlight bulbs on my 01 cavalier, What u need to do is, pop the hood, You will see the Black plastic panel piece thats near youre rad, pop out those 10 or so plastic snap screws, They are common to break apart, Once you get those all off, you will need to remove the plastic panel, place it off to the side, Now near the corner signal marker lens, U will need long flat head screw driver placed in between the signal lens and the headlight lens, If you look close enough u will see, a black plastic clip gently push against it, also slowly pull the headlight unit forward, The signal marker plastic tab may break, It happens not to worry about, Just make sure the side clip doesnt break on the hightlight & corner signal dont break. Ok once the headlight unit is out unscrew the plastic clip that hold the bulb, Make sure u dont touch the new bulb, It wont work, Once installled youre set,


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Monday, May 21st, 2007 AT 9:33 PM

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