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March, 11, 2007 AT 10:22 PM

Problem: 1999 Corvette 5.7L stalling when starting from standstill, even when giving it enough gas/torque

Background: I have a 1999 Corvette with 21,500 miles on it. As you can tell, it dosn't get much use, it must be jumped about evey time I use it.

I went to start it for the first time after a 4 month winter nap (I live in RI, and it gets pretty cold where the car is stored). The car started fine (with a jump), but when I tried to start out in 1st gear, it stalled. I restarted and tried to go in reverse, it stalled. I restarted and tried to start out in first gear after giving it alot of gas, it went a little, then stalled. I did the same and let up very easy on the clutch, and it went a few feet then stalled. I restarted the car and left it in neutral and reved the engine, and it reved up fine, but when I put it in gear the engine sounds/feels like it dosn't have enough power. My parking brake is not set, and I don't think it is stalling because the drivetrain is frozen/rusted/brakes are locked. In total, the engine ran for about 60 minutes today. The car putters out when it stalls, not stops instantly like the clutch was let up to fast.

I use 87 octane gas, but I've never had this problem. I put in premium gas every few fillups. This is the first winter I had the car outside for the whole winter, but it was stored under an overhang. The car is full with gas. The air intake is clean.

Could this be a fuel problem? Due to me using cheap gas and having it out on a cold winter? Due to 10% ethanol in the gas? Could it still be a fuel problem if the car revs up strong in neutral? Could fuel injector cleaner and octane boost solve the problem?

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March, 12, 2007 AT 8:23 AM

Wondering if it possibly an anti-theft problem. Try the " repair maunuals" link at bottom of main forum page, search out the relearn procedure for the Pass-Key.



June, 22, 2007 AT 2:20 AM

Your Car could be stalling due to way too many things but lets get to the basics.
Since your car sits for long periods of time your battery may need to be replaced. Additionaly check all ground connections. A bad ground can really throw you for a loop. So can a bad Positive battery connection.
You say you have to jump the battery to start the car. It's possible that you may have fried the engines computer. I've seen this on a 1984 Chevy Caprice when someone hooked the jumper cables in the wrong polarity once.
It ran, but not as well as it did before.
Try replacing the fuel filters. Oh, forget try, just replace it. And while your at it, see how the fuel flows from the pump. NO SMOKING WHILE DOING THIS! After that it would be nice to replace the fuel system pressure regulator as well.
In addition check to see if a mouse or something " moved in' to your cars air intake. Small furry animals also get hungry, so check for anything gnawed on. Especially wires. Oh, and hoses. Did I mention that small furry creatures like to eat hoses? Yummy!
Check the transmission nuetral switch. It might be sticking.
Sitting is nearly as hard on a car as hard driving. Sometimes worse. If that doesn't get you going, Sell the car.
Best of Luck to you!



October, 24, 2007 AT 11:50 AM

Did you get this fixed? Was it the computer thinking that the steering wheel is locked? Mine would shut off the fuel at 2mph for safety reasons. I had to replace the steering wheel lock

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