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January, 3, 2006 AT 9:56 AM

OK I am so frustrated and confused and need REAL advice. I have done so much research and figured out I should not have even purchased this blazer but its to late now.
OK 1998 Chevy Blazer 71,000 miles I have 2 issues going on, first one. It seems anytime I drive up into the mountains ( not 4 wheeling) or I push or drive her hard it will start losing power, kinda acting like she isnt getting gas, she will just chug along and then the Service Engine Soon light comes on. Some times I will take off the gas cap and then she seems ok and yes I have purchased 3 different caps thinking it was vabor locking and not relieving presure but that isnt it. Then out of the blue she will run fine and the SES light goes off and I get AWSOME gas milage and she runs great. I have tried injector cleaner, have had it put on the scanner and NOTHING shows up. Does anyone have any idea where to start on this? I am a single female and have taken it to a few shops and everyone tells me this or that and of course all high price items. Now second and new issue that just started. When I get in to start I push in the clutch and NOTHING, no noise (except fuel pump power up) and she will not start. At first this happened once in awhile but now it can take me up to 5 minutes and 20 tries before she will turn over to start. I checked battery cables and water level in battery and they are OK. : Roll: Like I said I just purchased this Blazer and it was in the shop alreday for the 4x4 modual ( would go into 4 hi by it self) and the E break, the place I got it from fixed that stuff but after that they said I was on my own. So any advice besides blowing it up would be great.?
Thank you Barbara

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January, 11, 2006 AT 11:54 AM

A few years ago I had a Firebird that lost power almost to the point of crawling when you started pushing it hard. A new catalytic converter solved my problem.



February, 28, 2006 AT 11:21 AM

OK I just bought a 1998 Chevy Blazer ZR2 in Sept, had 66,000 miles, well turns out I had a TON of issues, started with the SES light. ( Service Engine Soon) it would come on my blazer would run like crap, mostly when I would drive in the mountains, or when I would put any type of pull on it. So took it in to get the codes, and it was saying all the O2 sensors and the EGR valve. Well I would also hear my fuel pump whining. It would run like crap, then run great, I was getting REALLY pist off, everybody would tell me it is this or that and of course as most of you know nothing cost under $80.00 to fix these beasts. So I started doing research, and I found out that the 98's have a different EGR valve, it's a linear, and they have been a hush hush recall issue for GM, what is happening is the computer tells the valve to open so it can blow out the carbon to keep it from building up well it doesn't close, so it stays stuck open which in turn makes the engine run like crap and causes the O2 sensors to try and compensate so in turn makes the sensors throw the codes that they are bad. I had my EGR cleaned and then it was running AWSOME, I was happy, then BAM here comes the SES light and the no power, crappy gas mileage, codes. Bla bla bla, so again I took it back and I had to get the EGR replaced, and she is great, have not had any issues and my o2 sensors have not needed to be replaced. I also ran a can of sea foam and replaced the fuel pump. All is well UNTILL today, new issue different post. But wanted to share this information because I have read so many posts about running crappy SES light on and off and so on.
And the starting issue was the clutch switch!


1998 money pit blazer

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