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I have a 1998 chevy 4x4 blazer 4.3 ltr. V6-262with appox. 154000 miles and I been having alot of problems with my front brakes locking up and it only happens once in a while. I recently had it took in to meineke for a brake job estimate because both front and rear wheels are squeeling and its like the front brakes are locked up and the abs code c0265 came up. The estimate had a memo saying. Caliper pistons on front won't push back until bleeder opened indicating problem with brake hoses and possibly above in circuit and rear caliper pistons won't push back at all. And they could not fix the problem yet the brake job was estimated at 1108.12 not including whatever the problem was in the abs and I just think that is way too steep. I was wondering what exactly is the problem and if it is the abs is there any way I can by pass it.

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Sunday, February 11th, 2007 AT 10:24 AM

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All I can tell you for sure is Chevy had moocho problems with the ABS unit on these trucks, A friend of mine bought a new one back then and traded it in a month later! Stop by a chevy dealer and talk with the service manager...They may have figured it out by now. If tha doesn't work try pulling the abs fuse and drive it! This will deactivate the abs....
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Tuesday, March 13th, 2007 AT 4:29 PM

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