1990 Chevrolet Truck



March, 13, 2008 AT 6:38 PM

Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
1990 Chevy Truck V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 285000 miles

Truck doing some grinding/rubbing noise as I drive, I suspect the u-joints because the noise is consistent with rotation of the wheels. I also hear a " clank" a few seconds after I stop at a light also when I first put it in gear.
My question. How much is a reasonable price for a shop to charge me to replace then.
I will be grateful for any advice.


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Service Writer

March, 13, 2008 AT 7:02 PM

Your diagnosis sounds pretty good.

The cost will vary. There are different quality and different priced u-joints. If cost is your biggest factor, then call around and find out.

What you don't know is if it is one or two joints that are bad or if it is beyond that. A joints will squeak initially, then go sloppy. Maybe both are bad?

Thee are geaseable ones and non-greasable ones. Find that out in the quote.

Ince they are not original, they may have a lifetime replacement for the part. If youhad them done before.



March, 13, 2008 AT 8:44 PM

This are the original u-joins, I think I'm lucky they last this long and I don't think they the one that need grease I checked and there is no nipple on then.
I'm not so much concern about price as long I'm not taken for it.
I would like to replace then all with the best quality if possible. So what will I be looking at price wise from a reputable shop.
I appreciate your advice.


Service Writer

March, 14, 2008 AT 4:35 AM

Original? WOW.

Support my thoughts on not replacing both unles they are both bad.

A little insight to our shops view.

We generally go with heavy duty greasable ones. A little pricier.
They key is making sure they are getting lubed.



March, 21, 2008 AT 12:03 AM

Thank you for the advice.
Both joints were bad, replaced them with greaseable ones.
About the price I check 5 different shops with prices ranging from $125.00 to $ 250.00.
A small locally own speed shop that works mainly in hi performance cars did it for $125.00 and I couldn't be happier with the job.
It pays to shop around.

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