Rough idle and hesitates when trying to accelerate

I have a 2000 Chevrolet Suburban. It idles rough and when I step on the gas it staggers, and power is lacking. Catalytic converter? I hear no air leaks, but I do hear a tzt sound in the radio like the old points distributor when the rubber insulation has worn off. I also have an oil pan leak. How difficult is it to repair? I appreciate all the help.
Monday, January 15th, 2007 AT 11:44 PM

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This could be a number of things but there are things we can do to limit this down. First, we need to check for a vacuum leak. Just because we don't hear any air leaks doesn't rule out small leaks past the air sensors. This will cause exactly what you are seeing. Here is a guide on how we do this:

Next we need to monitor fuel pressure. Here is a guide that will help with that. I attached the spec on this.

Lastly here is a more general guide about this issue that will go into more detail on what we are doing.

Based on this info, I am sure we can either discover the issue or eliminate things to narrow this down in order to figure it out.

Let me know what you find with this and we can go from there. Thanks
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