1996 Chevy Tahoe spare tire

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1996 Chevy Tahoe

How do you take off the spare tire?
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In with the jack tools the hex shaped tool with one flat side (we will call this Tool A for the purpose of these instructions), and one end that looks like a socket (used to remove your lugnuts) there is also a tool that looks like one of the newer ratcheting box wrenches(we will call this Tool B for the purpose of these instructions).
1. Slip the ratchet (Tool B) over the end of the hex tool (Tool A) with the notation on the ratchet showing "down" towards the socket end of Tool A.

2. Slip the flat side of Tool A into the round hole to the right of your rear license plate as far as it will go and begin to turn the ratchet

A. The spare is on a cable winch under the truck and will begin to lower

B. I suggest waiting until the spare reaches the ground, and you begin to see some slack in the line before proceeding

3. You should be able to see the end of the cable, and the bar it is attached to in the center of the spare, move it to one direction, angle the end of the bar through the center of the wheel, and remove.

4. To put the spare back up, reverse the direction of the ratchet (Tool B) so that it reads "up" towards the socket end of Tool A, reinsert to the hole in your bumper to the right of the license plate, and draw the winch up.
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