1996 Chevy Silverado Clutch


Transmission problem
1996 Chevy Silverado V8 Four Wheel Drive Manual 128000 miles

The clutch just seemed to go out on my Silverado and I was expecting an easy fix to replace the clutch, but when I went under to pull the trany I found something I wasn't expecting; directly under the starter motor is what looks like a hydraulic actuator attached at the front of the transmission on the bell housing, not the smaller cable I was expecting from Haynes. It's a hard steel line attached to a plastic cilinder about an inch in diameter and about three or four inches long. This is attached to the housing under the starter motor. Also the transmission is huge, much larger than I expected and I don't see anything like it in Haynes either. Was there a manufactuer's option for a non-standard transmission to pull stumps and the like? So the question is: if I pull the hydraulic clutch actuator thing out of the housing am I going to have springs and hydrolic fluid flying every where? Or is it a simple pull and replace and what is it called, model number etc. (If that is what the problem is)? Thanks, AR

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The hydraulic thing is the clutch slave cylinder (or actuator). When you disconnect the line going to it, there might be some hydraulic fluid come out. After the line is disconnected, you can remove the transmission.
Be sure to only fill the clutch system with brake fluid.
You can check our online repair manuals for detailed repair info on your vehicle.

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