1989 Chevrolet S-10



November, 9, 2007 AT 1:11 AM

I have a 1989 S10 with a 2.5L and approximately 130000 miles on it. The problem I'm having now is its idling pretty high, usually after it's warmed up. I can hear it revving when I push the clutch in and I'm coming to a stop. Also my check engine light has been coming on and off at random. I checked it recently and it gave me a code 32 and a 34. I replaced the EGR valve (using the correct washer) and I replaced the MAP sensor. I left the battery off for a few hours, but still the light comes on with the same codes. What could my problem be?

Now onto my 83. The biggest headache I'm having with it is no matter where I put the a/c selector switch, all air blows thru the floor vents and the defrost vents. It currently has no charge, but I don't want to charge it if it's just going to chill my feet and frost my windshield. Is there a vacuum diagram I can get so I can make sure all the hoses are hooked up right? I've had the a/c controls out and all of the hoses were hooked up there. I know I can get the rotary selector switch from advance, but the fan comes on. All the fan speeds work but I can't get the vents to change over. Also, where the hoses hook up to the a/c control, there's like a plastic thing they connect to, and the switch lever actually rotates a piece in front of this I'm assuming to change vacuum from one hose to another. It seems very cheaply made. Could this be the culprit or is it something simpler? I'm hitting up a junkyard this weekend to check out another control set. If I get a chance I'll get a picture when I take it apart again.

One more thing on the Blazer. When the lights are on, the wipers only work on high and the delay switch won't let them delay properly. When the lights are off, everything works fine. Have you ever heard of that one before?

Sorry about the long post, but this looks like a helpful forum so I went ahead and donated a little something to get the ball rolling. I'll be so thankful if these issues get straightened out that I'll donate some more. If you need any more info, just get back with me and I'll post as soon as I can.


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November, 9, 2007 AT 3:07 PM

The 89 codes 32 and 34 both say Or MAP!
83-try finding the black a/c vacuum line, it's leaking or the vacuum cannister for reserve a/c vac ids leaking. Do the lights dim when wipers are on? Check the connections and relays.



November, 11, 2007 AT 11:22 PM

Okay I got the vents on the blazer working. Turns out I had a broken tee fitting and the vacuum canister wasn't getting any vacuum. Ran it off a tee off the motor and the vents starting changing properly. Now if I could just fix that damn wiper switch and the idle on the pickup, I'd be in business.

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