Ignition keylock cylinder

  • 1990 CHEVROLET S-10
How to remove ignition lock cylinder
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LOCK CYLINDER Removal (All Models) 1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove horn/trim cover retaining screws from back of steering wheel. Disconnect horn wiring. On models with round horn button, pull button upward and remove horn components. 2. Remove steering wheel retaining nut and vibration damper (if equipped). Scribe or paint reassembly reference mark on steering shaft and steering wheel. Use proper steering wheel puller to avoid damaging shaft or threads. 3. Remove lock plate plastic cover. Compress lock plate with Lock Plate Compressor (J-23653 for standard threads, or J-23653-4 for metric threads). Pry retaining snap ring from steering shaft groove and slide snap ring toward compressor. See Fig. 5 . 4. Unscrew and remove compressor. Remove snap ring, lock plate, canceling cam and spring from steering shaft. 5. Remove hazard warning switch knob from side of column by pushing inward on knob and turning counterclockwise to unscrew knob. 6. Remove turn signal switch actuator arm retaining screw. Remove turn signal/wiper switch rod. 7. Disconnect turn signal harness connector on bracket at lower end of steering column. See Fig. 3 . Remove 3 turn signal switch retaining screws. Ensure NOT to dislodge dimmer switch rod. Carefully pull turn signal switch outward toward end of steering shaft. Pull out far enough to clear end of shaft then turn switch downward. DO NOT remove turn signal switch and wiring harness from column. 8. Remove key tone alarm switch by inserting paper clip below retainer to flatten retainer. Using needlenose pliers, remove key tone alarm switch and contacts as an assembly. Remove lock cylinder retaining screw. See Fig. 6 and Fig. 7 . 9. Insert ignition key into lock cylinder and turn to ON position. Pull out lock cylinder. Installation (All Models) To install, reverse removal procedure. Turn key in lock cylinder to ensure lock cylinder bottoms in bore and engages into gear for ignition switch rod. Fit tone alarm in place, with contacts separated. Before tightening turn signal switch, ensure dimmer switch rod is in the socket in turn signal switch. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS table at end of article. WARNING: Lock plate is held by high pressure spring. DO NOT remove snap ring without using a compressor tool.
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