1989 Chevy S-10 windsheild wiper switch

  • 1989 CHEVROLET S-10
Electrical problem
1989 Chevy S-10 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

What does it take to replace the windsheild wiper switch mechanical arm.
I think I must pull steering wheel?
Then remove ignition switch. How?
Any thing else?
Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, May 27th, 2010 AT 6:34 PM

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Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Matchmark and remove the steering wheel.
Insert a small prytool into the slots between the steering shaft lock plate cover and the steering column housing, then pry upward to remove the cover from the lock plate.
Position a lock plate compressor tool such as J-23653-A or equivalent, by screwing the tool's center shaft onto the steering shaft (as far as it will go), then screw the center post nut clockwise until the lock plate is compressed.
Pry the locking plate snapring from the steering shaft slot.

If the steering column is being disassembled on a bench, the steering shaft is free to slide out of the mast jacket when the snapring is removed.

Carefully release and remove the lock plate compressor tool, then remove the lock plate.
Loosen the retaining screw, then remove the turn signal lever.
Remove the hazard warning knob; press the knob inward and then unscrew it.
Remove the turn signal switch assembly-to-steering column retaining screws.

Whenever wiring and connectors must be pulled through the steering column, attach a length of mechanic's wire to the connector before beginning. Once the wiring and connector has been pulled through the column, leave the length of mechanic's wire in place (through the column) so it can be used to draw the connector back into position during installation.

Pull the switch connector out of the bracket on the jacket and feed the switch connector through the column support bracket. Pull the switch straight up, guiding the wiring harness through the column housing and protector.
If equipped with a tilt column, position the housing in the "low'' position.
Remove the wiring protector by pulling downward and out of the column using a pair of pliers on the tab provided.
Remove the switch and wiring harness from the column.

To install:

If used, the length of mechanic's wire may be used to help route the wiring harness.

Install the turn signal assembly to the column by first routing the connector harness:
On non-tilt columns, be sure that the electrical connector is on the protector, then feed it and the cover down through the housing and under the mounting bracket.
On tilt columns, feed the electrical connector down through the housing and under the mounting bracket, then install the cover onto the housing.

Position the turn signal and clip the connector to the bracket on the jacket. Secure the turn signal using the retaining screws, then install the trim plate.
Install the hazard warning knob, then install the turn signal lever and retaining screws.
Position the turn signal in the Neutral or non-signalling position, then pull out the hazard warning knob to the hazard On position.
Install the washer, upper bearing preload spring and the cancelling cam onto the upper end of the shaft.
Position the lock plate and a NEW snapring over the shaft, then position the compressor tool. Use the tool to compress the lock plate as far as it will go, then slide the new snapring down the shaft and into the groove. Carefully release the compressor tool and make sure the lock plate is properly positioned.
Snap the lock plate cover into position.
Align and install the steering wheel.
Make sure the ignition is OFF, then connect the negative battery cable.
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