2000 Chevy Prizm Car has no power Help!

Engine Performance problem
2000 Chevy Prizm 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 122000 miles

Hello, I noticed some hesitation and loss of power in my Prizm, and replaced the fuel pump, and got a tune up. This helped mildly. I then read about cleaning the mass airflow sensor. I took out the old one, and used an electrical cleaner and cleaned it. I put it back in, and boom, instant results. I got my power back, but then I must not have snapped it into place because it got unplugged. I noticed more hesitation, and went to check on it, and I saw that it was unplugged. Well I just plugged it back in, and then there was absolutely no power, it would just coast, no acceleration. I talked to someone, and they told me to reset it by unplugging the battery, then re install the MAFsensor. I unplugged the battery, then insalled the circuit, then plugged the battery back in. Now it has some accerlation, but only up to 30 mph. Is there something else I need to do? Help!
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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 AT 1:15 PM

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Possibilities: Inspect and test all the following listed below:

Oxygen sensor.
Catalytic converter.
Fuel injectors dirty/sticking.
Mass airflow sensor/Airflow meter.
Throttle position sensor.
Crankshaft position sensor
Manifold absolute pressure sensor.
EGR Valve
Fuel pressure regulator leaking or defective fuel pump.
False air leakage.
Fuel contamination.
Foul/defective spark plugs.
Open spark plug wires.
Ignition coil/Coil packs defective.
Incorrect ignition timing.
Cap and rotor.

Note:If it doesn't apply disregard.
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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 AT 7:50 PM

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