1996 Chevrolet


Carol Ann

September, 14, 2006 AT 4:49 PM

I have a chevy S10 1996 2wd 4Cyl. 2.2 L 120 000km
My engine started vibrating when the engine iddles, the engine light flashes when iddling for a longer period of time. I brought it to the dealer this is the report.
Cyl 1 0psi
Cyl 2 25psi
Cyl 3 125psi
Cyl 4 150psi
Tech comments; scan codes p0301 miss fire cyl 1, p0302 missfire cyl2, p1133 o2 sensoe cross count B1, S1 too few poss. Related missfire code-check spark 1& 2 ok. Engine will have to come appart poss. Head gasket.
The cost to look into it and change it $1000 cad. (Not garanteed its the problem).
I read in a previous faq that this was a recall problem, but the dealer said no. I was going to sell it in three months. There's no white smoke present. What could it be, what should I do.


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September, 18, 2006 AT 1:26 PM

Well if your compression is that low then yes it is either the headgasket itself or you have a massive build up of carbon on the valve seats and they arent setting correctly. If you have any mechanical ability at all you should be able to replace the head gasket yourself as it is a rather small engine to work on and lots of space under the hood. If you do it yourself your looking at $10 for the gasket but after you have the head off bring it to a machine shop and have it shaved $45. Good luck : )

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