January, 10, 2007 AT 8:15 PM

I have a 1988 Chevy Celebrity with approx 94000 miles on it. I have had battery problems twice since I got the car 8 months ago. I put in a new battery when I got it and then a new interstate battery about 4 months ago when the other one drained and wouldn't recharge. This time when it wouldn't start I pulled off the alternator, had it tested (OK) pulled the battery and jumped the car just to the cables and it started fine so no starter problem. Going to have the battery tested but chances are there is a drain on the system somewhere else since the battery is so new and higher quality. No lights were left on or anything. Is there any history of electrical shorts with Chevy cars during these years? Do you have any reccomendations of where to start diagnosing? It does have power seats, windows and locks, so maybe that is somehow creating a draw? I would appreciate any advice.

Thank You!


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Service Writer

January, 10, 2007 AT 8:55 PM

It sounds like you have an excessive " Parasitic draw" problem. It is called parasitic because when the car is not running, certain components feed off the battery, such as the computer, clock etc. When other components like a dome light is left on, it will take more energy then the battery can supply in a short time draining the battery

Find the draw on the battery. Have someone watch the reading as you pull one fuse at a time until the draw falls. That will be the troubled circuit.

Look in your e-mail for another thought.

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