1999 Chevrolet Malibu



May, 5, 2009 AT 2:27 PM

Tires and Wheels problem
1999 Chevy Malibu 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 155 miles

is a cv joint an important promblem


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May, 5, 2009 AT 3:11 PM

Yeah if your cv joint doesnt move or completely falls apart your wheel dont turn. A lot of people drive around with bad cv joints, for extended periods of time, I dont recommend it but hey when you get the money to fix it, you get the money. You know when people have a bad cv joint, when it grinds when you turn a corner, or sounds like someone has some plastic chess pieces inside of a cleaned out peanut butter jar and you jiggle it. I know I took it a little too far with that one, but you know what I mean.



July, 31, 2009 AT 11:45 AM

The noise in my 1999 Malibu didnt sound exactly like the chess pieces you were speaking of but more like a hollow plastic dragging noise when I am going very slow almost like a stereo cd reciever plug dragging but only when the front left wheel has rotated to certain points. Is that a similar problem with the cv joint or is it the same thing? Also my Malibu just had the left sway bar snap off yesterday from what appears to be just a previous bad welding job and its gonna cost me like 100 dollars to replace. I would like to know if the plastic noise is related to the severage of the sway bar and will it lead to a more severe problem later or if it can wait to be repaired?



July, 31, 2009 AT 3:07 PM

Well I think that the sway bar, will put an extra load on the spring and shocks, but other than that, be careful not to take sharp corners at high speeds, also that noise we were talkin about is mostlikely the cv joint, and will need to replace the entire shaft seeing that its cheeper then just replacing the cv joints.

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