Lumina won't start after lightning Storm

We had a real bad lightning and thunder storm here and apparently water had also splattered up in the engine from signs that I see. The 1999 Lumina Euro with a 3.1 won't start now. At first it would crank and wouldn't start. I charged the battery and it turned over. I had turned it off and back on a couple of times and then the car sat for about 6 hours. Everything was turned off, radio, a/c etc. Went to start the car it cranked a little and wouldn't start. Charged the battery again, this time nothing. The lights are bright and everything works electrically. However, no crank and no starting. If this is the starter motor, I need to know where it is located and how to check. I am just a woman, HA! HA!
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Monday, July 24th, 2006 AT 7:35 PM

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The first thing you should do is check the terminal connections on the battery. If they are corroded, then clean them and make sure you have a fully charged battery. You can remove the battery and take it to have it tested at any local parts store. I invested in a battery charger several years back, and it has paid for itself over and over.
If it wont start with a fully charged battery, then what is the engine doing? Is it turning at all, clicking, or just not doing thing?
With the water being an issue, it is possible that the water may have gotten in the starter and cause a problem. However, the starter should not be so easily messed up with water. It may just be a rare thing that just happened at the same time, and not have anything to do with the water.
If I were you, I would make sure I had a good fully charged battery and try it. If it doesnt turn at all, then I would suspect the starter or possibly a theft deterent problem.
I would next check to see if I am getting power on both terminals at the starter when it is trying to be started. If I have power on both, then the starter is bad.
There are two fuses you can check and see if they got blown while things were wet. The IGN 50a fuse in the Engine Wiring Harness Junction Block, and the fuse 7 5amp in your fuse block. The fuse box is inside the car, and the engine wiring junction block is under the hood. If one of these fuses is blown, put a new one in and try it. If it was wet, and now dry, it should be fine. If it is still wet, or you still have a problem, it will blow the fuse again.
The location of the starter is on the bottom side of the engine. You will need to jack the car and place supports under it before gettting under there. You should have a good view of the starter from the bottom.
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Monday, July 24th, 2006 AT 8:13 PM

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