Chevrolet Impala



May, 22, 2006 AT 10:00 AM

Make: Chevrolet
model: Impala
Engine: 3.8 V6
year: 2000
mileage: 169000

I know a lot mileage but the car has been a great car since I drove it off the lot. Anyway, I am a wanna be mechanic and I have replaced the radiator and other parts on my car b/c I just dont like paying so much for labor when I know I can do the job. I took the car to Goodyear/Gemini service center to see where an oil leak was b/c I have noticed oil deposits here lately on my driveway, the guy there told me after doing a dye test that it was the head gasket it needed to be replaced and or the oil gasket. But he would start at the top and replace that. So my questions are: 1. Is this a normal spot for an oil leak? He quoted about 700 bucks to do the job using AC Delco parts no problem with parts but labor was like 550 bucks. 2. Not knowing how difficult of a job this is, is this reasonable. 3. If I get all the parts and want to do it my self about how long does it normally take, using a manual for Luminas which covers the 3800 series motors they used in this vehicle as well? Thanks in advance for the insight. Look forward to any assistance that can be given.


Oil Leak From Engine


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May, 22, 2006 AT 1:13 PM

I have a 3800 series motor as well. That price is a little high but no more then any other place you would take it to. Its easy to replace if you know what your doing. Have you ever replaced any of these things before?



May, 23, 2006 AT 1:03 PM

Well, I do have a book that completely breaks down every thing, it's what I used to replace the radiator about a month ago. I cannot recall the name of the book but I picked it up in AdvancedAuto. I have not really done this kind of work, again other than the replacing the radiator which was not to difficult, still a neophyte and learning as I go. Suggestions? Will it require an engine hoist or anything of that nature?

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