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January, 2, 2006 AT 11:50 PM

I need to replace the rear struts on my 96 Accord. I do not care to lower the car (Snow and potholes). In the spring maybe the fronts and bushings. If in the end I get the same ride as new, that will be fine.

So, here is the question (And try not to laugh). Are the old standbys (Gabriel, Monroe) good enough? Or are KYB or Tokico that much better? Price seems to be about the same.

Also, I carry about 300 pounds in my trunk. Should I consider adjustable struts or maybe looking for a stronger spring.

Can I mix struts from front to rear?

Thanks for the help.


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January, 5, 2006 AT 7:28 AM

I'm running adjustable Tokico there very good, but if your suspension is stock you don't need Tokico. Any struts will do. If I were you I keep it the same front and back because the way how every struts are made some or stiffer and some or smoother comfort.

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