2003 Impala Keyless Entry Not Working


When pressing one of the buttons on the remote I can hear a relay and the interior lights come on but the doors will not lock or unlock. If I reprogram the remote or pull the DR LK (body control module, door lock controls) fuse the remote will work for a little while. GM told the dealer to replace the remote first (only have one) and then the receiver and then the body control module. Of course I would have to pay for everything until they fixed it. I think its the body control module myself. Any opinions?

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Thursday, January 19th, 2006 AT 1:06 AM

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Hmm.I would think that it would not be the receiver if the lights are coming on. On the same note, I would rule out the remote if the lights come on everytime you press the button on the remote. I have not had much experience with keyless entry systems, but my follow up question would be will the button inside the car work to lock and unlock? If the button inside works, then the problem is not the solenoid actuator and would have to be a problem between the body control module and the actuator. My first (and cheapest) advice would be to check connections between the two for shorts and opens and to use a multimeter to check the terminals going from the body control module to the solenoid that operates the doors. I would assume you would see 0 volts normally and some voltage when you press the remote button. Seeing as it works intermittently when you remove the fuse, I would say you have a short, most likely in the module itself.

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Friday, January 20th, 2006 AT 2:17 PM

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