2003 Chevrolet Impala



August, 24, 2008 AT 11:17 AM

Engine Cooling problem
2003 Chevy Impala 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

how to replace a water pump


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August, 24, 2008 AT 9:49 PM

I would suggest purchasing a repair manual or have a mechanic look at it.



August, 25, 2008 AT 8:16 AM

Replacing a water pump on an impala is actually pretty easy because the water pump is right there on top easily accessible!

Here are the steps (you may still want to get you a manual though): - First, drain your coolant.
- Remove the serpentine belt
- Disconnect the bottom hose from the water pump
- Remove the water pump pulley
- Remove the water pump
- Scrap the old gasket off the engine, and make sure the mounting location on the engine is clean.
- Install the new water pump with a new gasket and some RTV sealant just to make sure it is water tight.
- Put the pulley back on the new pump
- Reconnect the bottom hose
- Reinstall the serpentine belt
- Refill your cooling system with coolant
- turn your car on and let it run with the radiator cap off and the bleeder valves open (you should have two: one nearby the water pump and one on the thermostat housing). Once the coolant start gushing out of the valves, shut them off. Once the coolant is almost at the top of your radiator neck, put the cap back on.
- check for leaks.

If you've done the job correctly and it's not leaking, you're done! Otherwise you have to start again.

Check your temperature gauge for a couple of days, make sure there's no problem. Also monitor your coolant level for a few days and add as necessary.

I replaced my water pump a few months ago and I got a remanufactured water pump for $12; so it's not an expensive job. (At a car shop, they would probably charge you $200-250 for this job).
Also, if you haven't serviced your cooling system in a while, now may be the right time to flush it and put new dexcool coolant in there ; ).

You don't need any special tools for this job, except for a torque wrench (the water pump and the pulley must be tighten at a specific torque! ) But I'm sure you have one already.

Total cost: - water pump: $12-20
- dexcool coolant: $20 for two gallons (you'll probably use less than that).

That's it; good luck!



August, 25, 2008 AT 9:18 AM

If you wanna follow these directions cool, but I suggest leaving the radiator cap off while you run it to be sure all the air is out of the system. After that is complete, the you know the cooling system is full. You should only need to purchase 1 gallon of dex cool. After you use that gallon fill that container with water and use the water after that. Also when you install the water pump, unless you dont have the gasket mating surface completely cleaned, dont use RTV to seal it. The gasket should be all you need. You can use it if you like but it is not necessary. Also if you have a 3.4 there is no hose to disconnect. This is why I suggest buying a repair manual.



August, 25, 2008 AT 9:54 AM

Rhall77 is right, you don't have to disconnect the bottom hose. My bad.
As far as the RTV, it is not necessary indeed. I didn't need it when I did mine as a matter of fact. But sometime even a new gasket is not enough to prevent a leak, especially if your mounting surface is dirty (it happened to me when I replaced my thermostat on my ranger; I only used the gasket, no RTV, and it leaked. I had to redo the job using RTV).

Anyway, thanks for your corrections Rhall77.

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