2001 Chevy Express electrical short?

Electrical problem
2001 Chevy Express V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

2001 Express 3500 5.7
I have replaced the ignition switch, starter, and the key lock. I have checked all the fuses replaced the relays at the relay box under the hood. I do not have a security device that I know of and I do not have a chip in the key. When I turn the key the buzzer comes on and everything seems normal except it will not crank. When I turn the key back to the off position the dash lights and head lights stayed on. I unplugged the hood dome light and the other lights act normal again, but the van still will not start. I used an OBD 2 scanner and a LINK ERROR message came up. I tried it again and turned the key at the same time. The van started and ran for few minutes and cut out again. I can, t seem to locate any indication of short with a multimeter or test light.
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Friday, August 14th, 2009 AT 1:21 PM

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Hello, are you saying the starter won't even crank? Battery has a full charge? Battery connections all clean and tight on both ends? Did you check the circuits at the starter relay in the power distribution center under the hood? My info shows you do have a theft system, passlock, I don't believe that will effect your starter circuit, just the injectors?

As far as the scanner working, did you check pin 16 for voltage, pins 4 and 5 should be grounds. If no voltage at pin 16, check power aux fuse 7--25 amp, interior fuse box. Use a testlite to check fuse circuit for voltage, I believe it should be hot all the time.
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Friday, August 14th, 2009 AT 2:10 PM

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