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Suspension problem
1985 Chevy El Camino V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I've purchased some new rear spring assist shocks from autozone and wanted some information on what tools I need and how I can replace the old ones with the new?

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 AT 7:58 PM

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Replacement procedures for your vehicle's rear shock absorbers are below..just basic mechanic tools needed (i.e. jack, stands, wrenches, sockets etc...)

Raise and support the vehicle safely using jackstands under the rear axle.
Remove the two upper mounting bolts. On some vehicles, the upper bolts may have a nut positioned above the mount and will require an open-end wrench to keep the nut from turning.
If equipped with superlift shock absorbers, disconnect the air line from the shock.
While holding the stud hex with a wrench, remove the lower mounting nut. On some vehicles, the tire and wheel assembly may interfere with shock removal. If necessary, remove the tire and wheel assembly from the vehicle.
Remove the shock absorber from the car.


Install the upper mounting bolts hand-tight.
Install the lower stud into the housing bracket and loosely install the nut.
Tighten the two upper bolts to 12 ft. lbs. (16 Nm). Remember to use a backup wrench, if necessary.
While holding the stud hex, tighten the lower nut to 60 ft. lbs. (81 Nm).
On superlift equipped vehicles, install the air hose and add approximately 10 psi of air.
If removed for clearance, install the tire and wheel assembly.
Remove the jackstands and carefully lower the vehicle.

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