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April, 30, 2007 AT 4:11 PM

1995 stock C4 L T 1 350 107000 miles 6 sp
Twice in the last month (once yesterday) and one 3 weeks ago my 95 C4 vette has gone full throttle on its own! When it does this the only remedy before you hit something is shut off the ignition and get both feet on the brakes.

Driving conditions:
#1 cruise on but not engaged. (It doesn't matter if its on or off).

#2 slowing down below 45 mph engine goes W O T

#3 Clutch and brake have no affect on W O T.

#4 Vaccum CC servo is " sucked" all the way in.
Yesterday I was driving it and had time to diagnose before I got of the road. The driver is helpless. Caution, Do not kick the clutch while this is happening as you will red line it instantly!
After pulling off it went W O T every time I started it, and with the hood open I could see the linkage go WOT. I took the cover off the ASR box and disconnected the linkage from the cruise control. Car started at idle but you could see the cruse cable retracting.
This problem is prevalent to all Vettes after 1988 including the ZO6
GM knows about it but has not even put out TSB on it.
Changing the cruse control may not help since GM has not fix the problem through the years. I had one guy on Corvette forum tell me he hit 2 cars when his 95 did this.


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May, 3, 2007 AT 8:13 AM

Did anyone in the Vette forum have a fix? I would lean toward the cruise control module (Left of Inst panel fuse block) It is wired to both of the cruise shut-off switches, if they dont dis-engage, then the controller might not be seeing the signal from the brake and clutch switch



May, 3, 2007 AT 10:36 AM

Know one on vette fprum has a clue. The brake pedal and clutch pedal both have vaccume release valves but?
I am going to rebuild the whole vac system because even killing the power to the CCm does not help.


straight ahead

July, 23, 2007 AT 10:48 PM

Replace the CC switch. Or have the ECM check for a fault code. The ECM is storing this code. If you let someone borrow your car or you did a flat out. Or WOT. The ECM is remembering. Also did you alter the wiring system in car with a new stero or alarm system? This car is also in realm of when GM was developing vechical black boxes. That stores driving conditions.
Good luck

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