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April, 30, 2006 AT 11:35 AM

I have a 1986 vette that has been sitting in a garage for several years----it was started periodically ---when I decided to get it re registered and back on the road I found the battery was dead and replaced it ---the engine turns over fine but it will not fire up and run now----i tried spraying a little starting fluid in the intake and it would try to fire but wont start---the gas in the fuel tank is a mixture of old and new gas mostly new and fuel restorer additive --it did run on the old fuel a couple months prior---what could the problem be is the fuel pump located in the gas tank and what is the location of the fuel filter. Also can the can I check the engine codes by jumping across the connector and reading the engine light blinking or is it required to buy the analyzer for this. Help my girl friend is going to kill me ----thanks jziggyp


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April, 30, 2006 AT 1:10 PM

The electric fuel pump is located in the fuel tank, attached to the fuel gauge sending unit. And the fuel filter is under the vehicle on the passenger side below seating area in front of tank mounted on the frame in the fuel line.



April, 30, 2006 AT 8:58 PM

I'm not sure on how to fix your problem, but I do know how you can check your obd-1 codes for free, and all it takes is a paperclip to ground two connections!

Code - code definition
12- diagnostic mode
13- 02 sensor or circuit
14- coolant sensor or circuit/ high temp indicated
15- coolant sensor or circuit/ low temp indicated
16- system voltage out of range
19- crankshaft position sensor or circuit
21- throttle position sensor or circuit- voltage high
22- throttle position sensor or circuit- voltage low
23- mixture control (m/c) solenoid or circuit (carbureted models)
23- manifold air temperature (mat) sensor or circuit (1990 and earlier models) 23- intake air temperature (iat) sensor circuit (fuel-injected models)
24- vehicle speed sensor (vss) or circuit
25- manifold air temperature (mat) sensor or circuit - high temperature indicated (1990 and earlier models)
25- intake air temperature (iat) sensor or circuit - high temperature indicated (1991 and later models)
26- quad driver module circuit
27- quad driver module circuit
28- quad driver module circuit
29- quad driver module circuit
31- park/neutral position (pnp) switch circuit
32- baro sensor or circuit (carbureted models)
32- egr circuit (fuel-injected models)
33- manifold absolute pressure (map sensor signal voltage high
33- mass air flow (maf) sensor or circuit - excessive airflow indicated
34- manifold absolute pressure (map) sensor signal voltage low
34- mass air flow (maf) sensor signal - low airflow indicated
35- idle speed control (isc) switch or circuit (shorted) (carbureted models)
35- idle air control (iac) valve/ circuit
38- brake switch circuit
39- torque converter clutch (tcc) circuit
41- no distributor signals to ecm, or faulty ignition module ( carbed models)
41- cylinders select error- mem-cal or ecm problem ( fuel-injected models
41- cam sensor circuit (3.8 engine)
42- bypass or electronic spark timing (est) circuit
43- low voltage at ecm terminal l (carbureted models)
43- knock sensor circuit
44- oxygen sensor or circuit - lean exhaust detected
45- oxygen sensor or circuit - rich exhaust detected
46- power steering pressure switch circuit
48- misfire diagnosis
51- prom, mem-cal or ecm problem
52- calpak or ecm problem
53- egr fault (carbureted models only)
53- system over-voltage (ecm over 17.7 volts)
54- mixture control (m/c) solenoid or circuit (carbureted models)
54- fuel pump circuit (1986 and later models)
55- oxygen sensor circuit or ecm
55- fuel lean monitor (2.2l engine)
61- oxygen sensor signal faulty (possible contaminated sensor)
62- transaxle gear switch signal circuits
63- manifold absolute pressure (map) sensor voltage high (low vacuum detected)
64- manifold absolute pressure (map) sensor voltage low (high vacuum detected)
66- pressure sensor or circuit air conditioning

Just take the codes at face value in helping to determing any problems with your car, before you start dropping a lot of money in parts that won't fix the problem.

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