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I have a 1985 corvette I recently purchased for restoration. It has the 350 tpi system. The car wont start and I suspect the problem is in the fuel system.I have replaced the fuel pump and filter.I can get the car to start by pouring fuel in the intake but it goes dead again as soon as that runs out. The fuel pump wont run when I turn on the ignition.I can jump it out and make the pump run but the engine still wont start until I pour gas in the intake.I have checked and replaced all bad fuses in fuse block. Ihave checked to make sure the fuel is coming into the fuel rails and it is. Pressure should be ok from the pump because it and the filter are new.I also checked to make sure there were no trouble codes stored in the computer there were none. Any help would be greatly appreciated :(

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Sunday, August 19th, 2007 AT 12:59 PM

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As you know 85 was the first year for TPI, so they had some strange issues. You need to get a "noid" light so we can see if the injectors are getting pulse. All the fuel pressure in the world wont help if they arent letting it in. Check the fuel pump relay for power in and ground

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Monday, August 20th, 2007 AT 8:03 AM

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