2000 Chevrolet Corvair



October, 1, 2009 AT 1:14 PM

2000 Chevy Corvair V8

This is a street rod. It has a SBC engine. The battery goes dead after a couple of days. Pulled all the fuses. Meter still shows a drain. Pulled alternator wire. Still drain. There is no light on. Ignition off. Any suggestions where to look.


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October, 5, 2009 AT 1:52 PM

How are you checking & confirming, with the meter for the drain? You should be between the neg. Post & the neg. Cable w/ cable disconected. If that is the case, also disconnect hot lead to starter motor. Not knowing exactly how its wired, I suggest pulling all relays as well as fuses. Also see if the ECU has a constant hot lead. (To retain memory) You might be reading that & mistaking it for a drain. Finally, double check that all the cells of battery are good. New or not, a battery that slowly looses a charge can be very misleading when trying to chase down a drain.

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