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I have a 1993 Full-Size Chevy pickup truck, 2 wheel drive, V-6 engine, 174,000 miles.
Two weeks ago it stopped running on the freeway. I could get it to run for a minute by either pouring gas in the carb or shooting starter fluid in. I thought it was the fuel pump. If I turned on the key and got underneath by the tank I couldn't hear the fuel pump running.
I had the car towed home, dropped the tank and put in a new fuel pump. It still wouldn't start. I checked the in cab fuses before starting and all were good. It would again start with gas poured into the carb.
I looked at the fuel pump fuse on the firewall and it was fried. I hadn't checked it before. I didn't realize there was one there. I changed it and the truck started and ran for a few minutes. Then the fuse fried again. I put in another one and it fried. Do you think I have a short somewhere? How do I find it?
The previous owner left the windows down in a thunderstorm and the ignition went bad. He couldn't fix it and ended up putting in a starter button wired directly to the starter. I've had the truck for two years and haven't had any problems except last winter I had to put in a new starter.
I'm really stumped by this, please help!

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Sunday, June 3rd, 2007 AT 8:14 PM

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Only because of the hiogh volume of posts and low resources to handle them all, am I responding. You'll need a wiring diagram for starters. Hopefully someone can pick up on this.

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Sunday, June 3rd, 2007 AT 8:26 PM

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