Chevrolet Cheyenne



April, 22, 2007 AT 11:53 AM

I Have a 1977 chevy cheyenne and I used to start
and all of the sudden when I wanted to start it up.I woulnd not start. Icheck the battery and it was good.I check the distibutor and its good.I changed the ignition module on the steering colum and it still wont start. The sad thing is that it wont crank at all like if it had no power on the ingnition switch

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May, 25, 2007 AT 11:02 AM

Hey man have you try changing the spark plugs or the spark plug wires ? If not try that

or the core it comes from your distibutor into your motor by the carbo

or what ill do it check your starter pull it off your truck and take it up 2 the auto store and tell them u want to check the starter for free see if its bad or not man



July, 2, 2007 AT 9:23 PM

Try checking your engine ground wire. It happen to me with my 1994 Cheyenne. After checking battery, atlernater, sparkplugs, and wire, starter, it was the engine ground wire located on top of engine.



October, 26, 2007 AT 12:57 PM

I would pull the control module out and have it tested. Autozone can test it.

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