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Transmission problem
1996 Chevy Cheyenne V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 0


I would like to explain my case in order to see if you can give me an advise.

I live in Monterrey, México, and I have a Chevrolet Mexican Cheyenne 1996, as far as I know the original engine is a 5.7 L with a TBI carburetor, notwithstanding the above mention; I make some changes to the engine, by increasing its power to around 380HP in ground, I install vortec heads and a holey 650 High Performance carburetor, a holey electric pump, etc. I used to have a 4L60e transmission but didn’t work with the carburetor (because of the computer) so I install the 700R4 mechanic transmission, I don’t know what it was wrong but I have burned 3 transmissions 1 of them just explode while I was driving,

Since I install de first transmission, it was making the speed changes form first to second at 3,500 rpm instead of 5,600 rpm, the mechanic said that the bypass wire of the transmission needed to be adjusted but we tried to do it and nothing happened, so. I am very disappointed with this 700R4

I am not sure what to do, I already have all the electric inside and outside harnesses (armour) of an 1998 Silverado full injection, and the entire full injection system including the computer, fuel pump & the fuse case, all this just because I would like to get back with the 4L60e and finish with all the transmission problems, (due to the changes of heads I can’t get back to the TBI carburetor), but the mechanic says it would be a lot of work to do and he do not think this will be the answer to the problem,

So I would like your opinion about it
Do you
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Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 AT 7:17 PM

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Here in the U.S. You can get a computer just for the 460LE that will just run the transmission. If you are having problems with the 700R4 I'd have to guess that there is an alignment problem, especially since you have gone through 3 of them. Also if you ae using the same torque converter from the first 700R4 that is probably why you are blowing all the other transmissions. These should never shift at 5600 unless you are at full throttle anyhow. If you get the GM performance catalog or go to GM parts direct i'mm sure you can find the trans computer so you can use the 460LE with the carb motor.
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Sunday, August 29th, 2010 AT 8:23 PM

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