1973 Chevrolet Cheyenne



September, 7, 2007 AT 3:25 PM

1973 Chevy Cheyenne, V8, 85,000 miles, 4x4, manual transmission, 1979 Quadrajet carb 4bbl, Edelbrock valve covers and manifold (the large cover under the carb, which I can't remember the name of).

My truck has been sitting for 18 months. At that time the truck started, but not without a few caps of gas poured into the carb. Once it started, it ran just fine. I have reassembled the carburetor that I took apart 18 months ago with a rebuild kit and put that back into the truck. I detached the BAT wire from the Delco-Remy distributor and the fuel line from the carb to see if any fuel was getting up that high, but there was none that I could see.

Why would it take the gas so long to get to the carb, even when it was running? And, once I get that fixed, is there a way to prime the lines in order to getting the truck running again?

Photos attached.

Thank you, Jerry


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September, 7, 2007 AT 3:33 PM

Crack open the fuel line from the tank it will gavity bleed to the pump once gas is there tighten the line the put that capful of gas into the carb! That should get you going, providing the carb rebuild is good!



September, 7, 2007 AT 4:05 PM

Thank you for the priming answer, but why would I have to pour gas into the carb every time I wanted to start the truck again? Seems like the gas is not staying there (or getting to the carb) between uses.

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