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June, 12, 2006 AT 11:38 PM

Hey, thank you first of all! I have a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier with 52,000 miles. I am no car expert, but I recently replaced my starter (myself) because my car wouldn't start and my mechanic confirmed this was the problem.

In doing so I did zap the starter once with one of the wires and it made a black mark. I'm assuming this didn't do any damage to the starter or the battery - am I correct?

Secondly, I am currently experiencing what seems to be a bad battery bleed. I had the alternator tested and my mechanic says that it should not be the alternator, though my battery seems to bleed quickly, once to the point where I believe the alternator took over and then the whole car died on me WHILE I was driving. I did quickly sand down the battery terminals just in case there was corrosion, so I don't understand why the battery would be bleeding so badly (because the alternator seemed to take over again tonight, despite having charged the car yesterday). Turning the headlights on definitely kills the battery though (logically) but I do not understand why the battery is dying so quickly. I just got a 6 year battery earlier this year. I do, however, park at an incline.

So, do you think the incline (slight) is affecting my battery, or is this an alternator problem, or a starter problem (if I didn't connect all the wires properly - i.E. I separated two of the wires with a washer)?

This has all happened in the space of a week and there are times where it dies to the point of not being able to turn my blinkers on. Also, today when I tried to start it everything came on, but when I tried to turn the ignition over it just clicked (indicating possible problems with my starter).

Thanks again!



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June, 13, 2006 AT 6:27 AM

If your starter is just clicking and you know you have a weak battery it just means the starter is not getting the amps it needs to kick in and spin the flywheel, the alternator should have enought output to run all the inside ammenities check the alternator belt for cracks sometimes if it on too tight it will strech and also check all your grounds from the battery to the body/frame. Good luck : )



June, 13, 2006 AT 11:39 AM

Thanks! I'll check into it : )

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