How to fix driver side mirror?

The mirror was pulled off by some little punk kid and the spring is still attached to the mirror I am just wondering how do you reattach the mirror
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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 AT 3:09 PM

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There is three main mounting bolts that must be undone to get the rest of the mirror off, then you will need a replacement because the plastic mount is broken.

To reattach the side mirror on your 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier, follow these steps:

Remove the Old Adhesive: Before attaching the mirror back to the car, you'll need to remove any old adhesive that might be left on the mirror housing and the car's surface. You can use a plastic razor blade or a plastic trim tool to gently scrape off the adhesive.

Clean the Surfaces: Clean both the mirror housing and the car's surface thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or a similar cleaning agent. Make sure they are free from dirt, grease, or any residue.

Apply Adhesive: Get a suitable automotive-grade adhesive from an auto parts store or an adhesive recommended by the mirror manufacturer. Apply a small amount of adhesive to the back of the mirror housing or the car's surface, depending on where the spring is attached.

Position the Mirror: Align the mirror correctly and press it firmly against the car's surface. Hold it in place for a few minutes to allow the adhesive to set.

Reattach the Spring: If the spring is still attached to the mirror, make sure it is in the correct position before attaching the mirror to the car. It may need to be placed in a specific slot or groove on the mirror housing.

Allow Adhesive to Cure: Follow the instructions on the adhesive product for curing time. It's essential to allow the adhesive to fully cure before driving the vehicle or putting any stress on the mirror.

Test the Mirror: After the adhesive has cured, test the mirror by adjusting it to ensure it is securely attached and functional.

Here are some diagrams (BELOW) that will show you how to get the problem fixed.
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