Step by Step Side View Mirror Replacement Guide

We are a team of ASE certified mechanics that have created this guide to help you change out a side view mirror. Each configuration is a little different but the following instructions should be sufficient, but if not and you need help, please ask one of our experts for free.

What's the Cost?

Depending on design and accessibility the price of the labor and parts will vary, but in general a shop will charge between .7 and 1.5 hours of labor plus the replacement mirror which can run from $60.00 and $150.00 with some high end units as much as $450.00

Lets Jump In!

A mirror can become weak and break due to the age of the plastic and the vibration generated by the operation of the car, it can also be damaged by a drive by car or pedestrian.
side view mirror replacement

The idea is to access the rear of the mirror by removing door panel or the rear cover. Here we have removed the rear cover by grasping it firmly and pulling to pop the clips loose which attaches the cover to the door.
side view mirror inner cover

There will be electrical wires or a control cable which adjusts the mirror position inside the mirror's housing, here is what it looks like in this case.
mirror control cable knob

Remove the cable by twisting the retainer counterclockwise, this can be done by hand or you might need a pair of pliers to help.
mirror control cable knob undo

Because the mirror in this example is broken off, the only thing holding on the car is the control cable which now can be fed through the access hole.
mirror control cable feed through

Watch the Video!

Please watch the video of the job being done, then continue down the guide to glean additional helpful information.

Match the new mirror to the old unit to make sure they are the same, then feed the control cable or wiring harness through the access hole.
install new mirror controls

Push the new side view mirror into place while aligning the plastic tangs with the matching door holes.

While holding the mirror from the outside, install the mounting bolts or screws to hold the mirror from falling, wait until all screws or bolts are threaded before tightening them. A torque spec is not provided for this repair, so remember the mirror is plastic so be careful not to strip out the threads.
mirror mounting screw installation

Reassemble and tighten the control cable and plastic bezel, then pop the bezel into place and you are all set.
new side view mirror installed


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