Chevrolet Caprice



August, 7, 2006 AT 2:45 AM

I recentlly replaced my spark plugs with iridium plugs, soon after my caprice started missing every now and then so I replace the wires. A cuple of days later the problem got wors and when it did it again the engine kept getting wors, ontill when I got on the gas the car would just sputter, miss and backfire so I replaced the fuel pump and it was fine, but the same day it did it again on the freeway, it started missing more and more ontill it went no more. On the haynes manuel it says spark, wires dist, engine control, vac leaks emmision components or valves, Can anyone tell me what they think about this and what they think it could be. Thanks


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September, 9, 2006 AT 4:10 PM

I too have a 1991 caprice with a 305 in it and when the car reaches max opp. Temp and I tryto start out from a dead stop the whole ignition cuts in and out So far, I have replaced the ignition mod. The spark plug wires the cap and rotor also the T P S and the map sensor and it still does the same thing. The only thing I havent replacced is the coil pick up in the distributer I suspect that but I have tryed to avoid it as I believe you have to remove the whole distributer to do so. I wanted you to know so you dont have to spend all that money like I have done Good luck and let me know if it works out for you!



June, 9, 2007 AT 11:39 PM

He's talking about an lt1, not a 305.

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