1999 Chevrolet Blazer



July, 6, 2007 AT 2:53 AM

I have a 99 blazer 4wd with 148,000, miles. It has a 4.3liter in it. I just redone all the brake pads and rotors. While bleeding the rear brakes (having someone pump the brake pedal and holding pressure) it seemed to release approx. Half the fluid as the front brakes. (Seemed normal to me). Approx. 2 weeks later the pedal became intermittent. Sometimes soft. Sometimes firm. Did not always feel like the rear brakes were grabbing. Seems to happen mostly when braking slowly. Tried to bleed rear brakes again. Same thing happened again. Can you possibly lead me to a conclusion. Iam going to look for a leak at the check valve on the power assist in the morning. Any other suggestions? Sorry, one thing I forgot to add was that I have 4 wheel disk brakes. And I am not loosiing brake fluid. The resevoir holds a consistant fluid level.


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July, 6, 2007 AT 3:35 AM

All rear drums brakes are self adjusting, What u need to do, Is place youre truck into reverse, give it some speed, then hit the brakes a bit hard, Then for forward again, Then into reverse, Do it a total of 3 times in reverse, The see what happens, U should have youre brake working perfect, If not I would check to see if you have a leaky, Wheel cyl, Rubber seal could be leaking, Or have a problem with youre master cyl, The seals seem, To go in that area as well. Or u still have a air in youre brake system. Usually when I bleed the brakes, I start from the drivers side, Work, My around the car in a counter clockwise way. All the three times bleeding each wheel, That should be plenty enough, Time to have the air out of the system.



October, 1, 2007 AT 1:20 PM

He WOULD IF he had drums in the rear. But he stated he had 4 wheel DISC brakes.I have them on my 99 Blazer as well.

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