1996 Chevy Beretta intake manifold gasket

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 70,000 MILES
How would I go about replacing the intake manifold gasket in the car because I know that is what is wrong with the car but I dont know if I have to take the whole motor apart and if I do what manual should I get to follow it to fix the gasket
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1. Properly relieve the fuel system pressure, as outlined in of this guide.
2. If not already done, disconnect the negative battery cable.
3. Place a suitable container under the radiator, then drain the cooling system.
4. Remove the air cleaner assembly.
5. Tag and disconnect all necessary vacuum lines and wires.
6. Disconnect the fuel lines at the TBI unit. Disconnect the TBI linkage, then remove the TBI unit.
7. Remove the serpentine drive belt.
8. Remove the power steering pump-to-bracket bolts, then position the pump out of the way; DO NOT disconnect the pressure hoses.
9. Raise and safely support the front of the vehicle.
10. Disconnect the T.V. And accelerator cables, then remove the cable bracket.
11. Position the drain pan, then disconnect the heater hose from the bottom of the intake manifold.
12. Unfasten the intake manifold lower mounting bolts/nuts, then carefully lower the vehicle.
13. Remove the upper intake manifold-to-cylinder head nuts/bolts, then remove the intake manifold from the vehicle.
14. Remove and discard the gasket. Use a suitable gasket to carefully and thoroughly clean the mating surfaces on the manifold and cylinder head.
15. Position a new intake manifold gasket on the cylinder. Place the intake manifold over the new gasket, then install the retaining bolts/nuts. Tighten the intake manifold-to-cylinder heads bolts, in the sequence shown in the accompanying figure, to 4-22 ft. Lbs. (9-30 Nm).
16. Raise the vehicle and support it safely.
17. Connect the heater hoses.
18. Install the cable bracket(s), then connect the T.V. And accelerator cables.
19. Carefully lower the vehicle.
20. Install the TBI unit, then connect the fuel lines and linkage to the TBI unit.
21. Connect all vacuum lines and wires, as tagged during removal.
22. Install the air cleaner assembly.
23. Connect the negative battery cable.
24. Fill the engine cooling system with the proper type and amount of coolant.
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