2002 Chevy Astro Block Cracked at Starter Mount

Engine Mechanical problem
2002 Chevy Astro Two Wheel Drive Automatic 70000 miles

My mother still owes $3500 on this P.O.S. And I think it is unfixable. But I wanted to check with you guys for any ideas you might have.

The block is cracked at the point where the starter is mounted. This allows the starter to shift just enough to make a heck of a racket, break off flywheel teeth, shatter the starter gear shroud/etc. We have had 3 starters replaced, one flywheel and now we discovered the crack.

I have read where this has become a known design flaw and I wonder if she has any recourse to just having the thing hauled off and keep paying for a car she no longer has.
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Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 AT 2:29 PM

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Hi boboldschoolbolin. Welcome to the forum. Two things come to mind. There is an epoxy called JB Weld that can be used to rebuild the threaded hole. A different product called Belzona is also mixed like epoxy but after it cures, it can be machined exactly like steel. It is used in the paper mill industry to rebuild chewed up bearing surfaces for rollers. Once applied and cured, the shaft is machined on a lathe with metal cutting tools. If you can hold the starter in the proper position until the product cures, you can install the bolt loosely with the included mold release agent on the threads. The bolt will form the threads, then the mold release agent will let the bolt turn so it can be tightened. This stuff is really tough but it's expensive. You might have to visit the maitenance people at a paper mill to find the name of the salesman. You might find it on the internet too.

The product is sold in large tubs about the size of a tub of butter, and in small single-use packets. If I remember correctly, a half dozen little packets costs around $70.00. I used it once to rebuild the rounded-off square end of a speedometer cable. It's still working fine more than 100,000 miles later.

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Thursday, April 29th, 2010 AT 1:28 AM

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