2000 Chevy Astro door latch

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 197,000 MILES
How to replace left front door latch
Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 AT 9:12 AM

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Remove the inner door liner. Before you attempt to remove the window controls, the window glasses should be in the down position. Once the inner door liner has been removed, the next step is to remove the inner moisture liner. Care should be taken so as not to damage it.
Disconnect the link rods that are often held by clips to both the door handle and the lock cylinder. Sometimes it is much easier to first disconnect the rod located at the latch assembly first. Next, all wiring that may be running to the handle or the lock is disconnected. However, under no circumstance should the wiring be disconnected at the lock.
Remove all nuts and bolts holding the handles and the door together so that the handle may be easy to take out.
Install the lock assembly in the small lever that is attached and the door handle. This is done by lacing the handle on the door and then securing the nuts and bolts used for the mounting in place.
Reconnect any wiring on the lock or the handle that had been removed. Again, using the clips, the link rods should be connected to the lock and the handle. In addition, if any rods to the latch were removed they should be reconnected.
Install the door and moisture liner that had been removed back firmly into place. When reinstalling the moisture liner, it is important that a water proof sealer is applied all the way round the outer most edges. Then, the plastic should be carefully aligned in its place. It is after this that the door liner is reinstalled and the pieces trimmed.
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