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So when I turn on my car, I hear the radio through my back speakers but the front speakers, the ones on the doors, aren't playing. Is this a problem with the speakers or the balance settings? If it is the balance settings how do I change it so I can hear sound from my front speakers? If it's a problem with the speakers itself, how and what do I replace?
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The first thing I would suggest is to check the stereo set up. That is where you will adjust bass, treble, left and right volume, and other settings. When doing this, look for the fader setting. That is what changes the sound from front to rear and blends them together based on what you want. Please understand, the set up for the radio isn't in any of my manuals. However, it should be a part of your owner's manual.


Here are the directions for replacing the door speakers. The attached pics correlate with the directions.

Door Speaker (Base System)

pic 1

1. Remove door finisher.
2. Remove bolts (3) and remove speaker.

Door Speaker (Bose System)

pic 2

1. Remove door finisher.
2. Remove screws (4) and remove speaker.


Here are the directions to remove the door finisher (panel) to access the speaker.


Exploded View EI-37
pic 3

Removal and Installation

1. Remove mask of inside handle portion and remove screws.

Pic 4

2. Insert taping flat-bladed screw driver into edge portion, disconnect pawls, and remove grip finisher.
3. Remove screw of grip portion.

Pic 5

4. Insert driver rolled with cloth between panel on vehicle and clips (as indicated with arrow), and remove finisher.
5. Pull up door finisher, and remove power window switch and electrical parts connectors.

Pic 6

6. Remove lock knob cable and inside handle cable of inside handle assembly back side.
7. Remove inside handle screws, and remove it from finisher.
8. Disconnect metal clips and pawls from door finisher back side, and remove power window switch finisher.

Install in the reverse order of removal.

CAUTION: To install finisher, check if all clips are matched over holes of panel on vehicle, then push it.


Let me know what you find. Also, let me know if you have other questions.

Take care,
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