1996 Cadillac SRX - STS Programming Remote Keyless Entry

Electrical problem
1996 Cadillac SRX - STS V8 180, 00 miles

Hi. I am trying to program one keyless entry fob. This is the directions I am follwing. With the ignition in the "RUN" position (engine does not necessarily need to be running, but it will work either way).
Press OFF and WARMER (or the OFF and PASSENGER WARMER buttons) on climate control panel simultaneously. Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) will light all telltales, then go blank. System is now in DIAGNOSTIC MODE. After diagnostic mode cycles through and stops, press FAN DOWN button until "RFA?" Is displayed, then press FAN UP. If "RFA DATA?" Is displayed, press FAN DOWN. If "RFA OVERRIDE?" Is displayed press FAN UP button.

If "RFA S00 NO OVERRIDE" is displayed, press FAN DOWN. If "RFA S01 PROGRAM FOB #1" is displayed, press FAN UP button.

IPC will show "0" on right side of Drivers Information Center (DIC) display. Press WARMER button on the climate control unit until "99" is displayed.

Press and hold TRUNK button on the transmitter. While holding TRUNK button, press LOCK button and hold both buttons for a total of 3 seconds. Locks will cycle when programming is complete. If transmitter is not programmed within 30 seconds after entering "99" on the display, system will default and you must begin at step #2 again.
To program second transmitter, press FAN DOWN button until "RF S02 PROGRAM FOB #2" is displayed, then press FAN UP. Repeat step #4.

To exit system, press AUTO, MODE UP, MODE DOWN, or RESET button.

After it goes through the diagnostic cycle it will stay constant on PCM? No matter how long I hold the fan down button it won't go to the next step. Since I am new at this I had to try it several times and I did get it to where I have to get it to the "99" but hit the wrong button and had to start over. Now I can't seem to get past the PCM? Part. What do I do? And I have only one fob and it is fob #2, does that make a difference and if so how do I program just the 2nd fob? My car is a STS. Thankyou in advance

P.S. I don't have a warmer button, I have a temp knob for the driver side of the climate control and a up/dwn for the pasenger. Does that make a difference. And do I turn the knob until the "99" shows or use the passenger temp thing?
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Push down on the mode button or go to the dealer and have it programed through the tech 2
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Monday, May 5th, 2008 AT 5:39 PM

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