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  • 1961 CADILLAC
  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 48,000 MILES
I have a 1961 cadilac series 62 with a 390 v8 in it ive replaced everything under the dis. Including the dis. Cap and coil. I have spark coming from the coil and from the points and the carb. Is pumping gas to the motor but no matter what I try I cant get it to start. The engine has not been rebuilt yet and it ran about 6 months ago before I bought it.
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Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 AT 7:51 PM

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You mention you have spark to the dist but nothing about whether or not it's going to the spark plugs. If it's not replace the rotor cap. Also if you are getting spark at the points are you getting dwell? You could have a condiditon of what is called grounded points which would not allow the car to run. Also a bad timing chain would do the same thing as it would be out of time. When you replaced the distributor cap, did you do the wires one at a time or just rip them all out. It may be out of firing order too.

You have to have compression, spark and fuel and timing in order for the car to run. If you get spark to the plugs then that will eliminate a few things. Check the compression and whether or not the fuel is going into the engine. You have to check fuel pressure as well as flow on this car. Also how old is the gas? As gas now a days usually is only good for a year or so. Then check your timing. If you don't get spark to your plugs check your rotor if it is coming from the coil, it may be cracked. And you could have junk in your fuel.

If you have spark coming from the coil everything should be good. But are you getting spark through the plug wires. And do you have compression? If you don't have good compression it really doesn't matter how much fuel or spark you have it won't ignite. Put a rag on your finger and turn the engine over to see if you have good compression, if you do you will feel it. If you do then it may be out of time. Bring #1 up to TDC and then check to see if your rotor is pointing to the #1 position on the cap. If not it may be out of time. #1 will be on the left bank(drivers side) and your firing order will be 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. Your intake manifold may be numbered as to which cylinder is which. It will be cast in if it is.
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Monday, June 14th, 2010 AT 6:21 PM

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