My Cadillac sporadically will not start.

1989 Cadillac Eldorado, 209,518 miles, 4.5L V8 DI engine.

My problem is that the car has times when it will not start. The car starts in the driveway just fine and runs great (despite the heavy mileage) but then, after I've gotten out and turned it off, it will not start. There is no pattern to it at all, it simply starts sometimes and doesnt start other times. More often than not, it doesnt start when I'm in a parking lot or car garage. I've changed the battery, the alternator, checked all the fluids, and had all the connections checked. It still happens. For the most part, when it doesnt start, if I let it sit for about 10-15 minutes after the first failed attempt, it will start. But sometimes that does not work and it will take up to a day before it will turn over and start again. However, if I hook jumper cables to the battery (my brand new, fully charged battery mind you) and give it a jump, it turns over without a hitch.

For example, today I went from my house to a Target about 5 miles away. It started fine, the ac works great, and the engine ran without any problems all the way there. I was in the store for about 30 minutes, and when I came back to the parking lot and tried to start the car it wouldn't turn over. When I turn the key to "run", all the dash lights come on, the radio comes on, I can hear the cooling fan running, but there is no starting! The starter doesn't even try to turn over. Somone there gave it a jump and it ran fine all the way home. After I got out and went inside, I tried to start it again about 20 minutes later and it started right up.

Do you have any idea as to what the issue may be?
Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, July 16th, 2007 AT 4:50 PM

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Sounds like the starter. First be sure both battery cables are in good condition, check for acid creap down the cable, if there is any replace cable as well.
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Tuesday, July 17th, 2007 AT 7:57 AM

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