1990 Buick Riviera



September, 13, 2010 AT 3:21 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1990 Buick Riviera 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 184231 miles

When I try to start my car nothing happens the dash lights come on but no crank. The security light comes on and stay steady. Then I try to start my car again about 10minutes later then it starts sometimes the other times it wont start for the whole day. New battery, I had the ignition switch and ignition lock cylinder and key replaced about a year ago along with the starter. What could be the problem? It was doing the same thing about a year ago and it was the lock cylinder.


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September, 13, 2010 AT 3:38 PM

The most common failure in these is the sensor in the ignition lock that reads the key pellet. That would mean replacing the ignition lock with a sensor included.

That sensor can be bypassed. You would need a digital ohmeter to measure the resistence of the pellet in the key. Now go to Radio Shack and buy a resister of the exact same value as the key pellet. Go to the base of the steering column and locate the two thin white wires that go up to the sensor. Cut the two wires and solder the resister between the two ends coming from the harness. This will permanently bypass the sensor but not the rest of the system.

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