1998 Buick Park Avenue How do I replace my rear air shocks?

Suspension problem
1998 Buick Park Avenue 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 100K+ miles

Im having trouble understanding what I am suppose to do as well as tools needed to replace my rear air shocks. Any help is greatly appreciated. "Step-by-Step" instructions would be a great help. Thanks in advanced
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Monday, February 1st, 2010 AT 2:55 PM

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Here is the procedure, does not specify tools needed. My experience would lead me to suggest a metric socket set in both shallow and deep, at all else 13, 15, and 18mm. A means of lifting, as well as supporting the vehicle and lower control arms as described. The air line should just have a wire bayonet retainer.

Shock Absorber Replacement
Removal Procedure
Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to Vehicle Lifting Caution in Cautions and Notices.
Remove the tire and wheel assembly. Refer to Wheel Removal.

Support the control arm with a jack stand.
Disconnect the ELC air tube from the shock.
Remove the two bolts securing the shock to the control arm.
Remove the trunk trim to gain access to the shock upper mounting nuts.

Remove the cover, the two nuts, and the reinforcement from the top of the shock.

Remove the shock from the vehicle.
Installation Procedure

Notice: Use the correct fastener in the correct location. Replacement fasteners must be the correct part number for that application. Fasteners requiring replacement or fasteners requiring the use of thread locking compound or sealant are identified in the service procedure. Do not use paints, lubricants, or corrosion inhibitors on fasteners or fastener joint surfaces unless specified. These coatings affect fastener torque and joint clamping force and may damage the fastener. Use the correct tightening sequence and specifications when installing fasteners in order to avoid damage to parts and systems.

Install the shock, reinforcement, and the two nuts.
Tighten the mounting nuts to 20 N m (15 lb ft).

Install the shock cover.
Install the trunk trim.

Install the shock-to-control arm bolts.
Tighten the bolts to 24 N m (18 lb ft).

Connect the ELC air tube to the shock.
Install the tire and wheel assembly. Refer to Wheel Installation.
Tighten the wheel nuts to 140 N m (100 lb ft).

Lower the vehicle.
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