1998 Buick Park Avenue



June, 16, 2007 AT 10:17 AM

I was driving on the highway at 60mph and the car would not accelerate. It actually began to deccelerate as I applied more gas. I got down to 25mph and started pumping the gas, after a few minutes the car began to increase speed (back up to 60mph) and got me to work. I opened the hood and the engine was moving alot and looked to be working really hard to stay on. Tried starting an hour later and wouldn't start. Had it towed to nearest mechanic and they replaced the spark plugs, it started but is now emitting a white smoke. Mechanic guessed that it is a blown head gasket, but will have to take to another mechanic to confirm (they're only a sm. Shop). Any ideas? Also, don't know whether it is worth fixing the problem (1400$) or just trade-in now before I start putting more money into it than it's actually worth? This is the first problem and I am the only owner it's ever had.

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June, 20, 2007 AT 12:15 AM

I would look real close to the under side of the oil fill cap for white jelly like substance. Also have you been loosing coolant? This would be an indication of a blowen head gasket.



June, 20, 2007 AT 7:46 AM

I had the exact same thing happen to me, I looked at the coolant, no sign of oil. Mechanic said that the crank sensor was bad, he fixed it then started the vehicle, and white smoke began to pour out of the exhaust. Ended up it was the engine. Sorry to be the bad news guy. But that's what happen to me. I have since replaced the engine and all is returning to normal!



June, 30, 2007 AT 2:54 PM

I also have a 1998 Park Avenue, mileage 97400. Last Tue I similiar problem. On the way my car sputtered (hadn't noticed that before), and at the same time the check engine coolant light came on. When it happend I was less than 1/2 mile from work, so I went on to work and didn't think much about it, until it wouldn't start when I ready to go home. Took it to the mechanic, who replaced the plugs, it started right up and the parking lot filled with white smoke, and a bad smell - burning engine collant. They shut it off and it would not start again. 5 of 6 of the New plugs were covered in oil, gas and engine coolant.

They said then it was either the Head Gasket or Upper Intake.

Turned out ot be upper intake - we were hoping it was only the plastic seal, but it had cracked so I had to get a new one put in. We also tore up the starter trying to get it to start.

Runs fine now! Well worth getting fixed. Mine only ran me $600.

Good luck!



July, 8, 2007 AT 5:17 PM

I also drive a 1998 Park ave. I had the same problems as you did. After taking apart the engine and not finding any thing but a lot of coolent in my pistons and removeing the heads and having them checked, I didn't find anything wrong. There was an older engine machinic at the place that I had my heads checked and he told me to check the upper intake manifold. Where the coolet is piped around the intake manifold to keep the intake from icing. I did and found that the plastic had become hard and brital. There was a small hole which alowed the coolent to spray into the intake and flood the engine. I replaced the upper intake maifold and it cured my problem.

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