1990 Buick Electra



December, 20, 2008 AT 3:01 PM

Engine Performance problem
1990 Buick Electra 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 144000 miles

I have been a mechanic for 22 years. I have been reading some of the cold start questions on the 3.8 GM engine and I don't think anyone has properly answered the question yet. I have a 1990 buick 3.8 and a 1990 pontiac and (2) 1993 pontiac 3.8's. The 1990's will not start in the COLD. They both have the same symptons of back firing through the intake, just like other people have described. Yet my (2) 1993's start flawlessly. The 1990's do have a different module and coil set up from the 1993's? I have tried all the recomended repairs as I have seen in the answer columns crank sensors, cam sensors. IAC motors, proms, fuel pumps, scanning for trouble codes ECT. ECT. ECT. Lets put our heads together guys. I don't know how theses cars started when they where NEW? I bought them Used? Maybe these Vehicles never did START COLD?


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July, 31, 2009 AT 6:32 AM

I have a 90 Bonneville with the 3.8 with no problems. You say you scanned it, What was reading from coolant sensor cold, if it's reading -32degrees it's bad, it will cause computer to flood the engine. Let me know, Sorry for the delay in responding.



August, 4, 2009 AT 12:07 PM

The 90 will have a magnavox coil pack, the there is too much resistance in the coil because of the age, this was a common problem. As the gm repair procedure was in the 90's remove and replace with know good one and observe, or you can take it out and bring it in to warm up, 75 degrees is prefereable then quickly re install and try to start immediatly, one word of caution, make sure your plugs are good and not fouled out, this with make it appear as it's not the coil.

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