Both rear windows do not roll up or down

  • 2006 KIA OPTIMA
  • 140,000 MILES
I replace both windows motor and I don't hear any motor noise.
Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 AT 11:39 AM

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Okay, so both rear windows do not work, is that using both the front driver controls and the switches on the doors? How about the right front window? To start testing I would remove the main switch from the driver's door and check the connectors to the rear. Use a test light connected to power and probe into the rear of the switch connector with it connected. When you touch either of the pink or green wires the light should come on as all 4 should be grounded through the switches. Next connect the light to a good ground, now probe the pink wires while moving the rear window switches to down. The light should light. Now move the switches to up and check the green wires. The light should come on. If that works then the main switch should be okay, then the issue shifts to the wiring harness. Pick one of the rear doors and go in and remove the switch connector. Now take a pair of jumper wires and connect one to battery positive and one to negative. Find the brown and blue wires that go to the window motor, there is another blue wire that runs to the battery on each side). Touch the jumper wires to those two wires and the motor(s) should go up or down depending on the direction you place the wires. That will show the new motors work and the windows work. Next Take your test light and connect it to a good ground, find the blue wire(s) that carry power to the rear on each side. They connect to pin four on the switch. Key on they should have power. Connect the test light to the green or pink wire on the connector, now touch the tip to the blue wire feed on pin 4. If you touch say the left-hand door switch green wire on pin 6 and the light doesn't light that wire is broken, Next try the three wires on the other door switch. The strange thing is that the rear windows get power and ground from the front master switch when it is used, so it is most likely a broken wire or two in each rear door, it's common for wires to break in the area between the door and the car body, it's just odd for both to fail at one time.
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Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 AT 12:52 PM

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