Low beam / High beam lights

  • 2003 BMW 745
Electrical problem V8 Automatic 128, 00 miles

My low beam and high beam lights will not work only on drivers side. Have replace Bulbs and igniter. High beam will work when ignition is not on and lever is pulled, but ill not come on when engine is running. I do not have a fuse card or chart. I would not know which fuse.I will check all fuses. Do you have a fuse chart that you could copy and email, or could you give me an indication of which fuse to look for.

I really appreciate it. I am going to have to locate a fuse chart. They didn't make getting to the fuse panel in the dash board to easy to get o did they

I have changed the igniter and checked it on the other side of vehicle. The ignitor works fine on the other side. Will try again though because of your advice.I am still going to check the fuses. You are a great source of help.

I only have the yellow lighten that surrounds the bulbs. On the left side. Right side is ok.

Thanks again.I really appreciate you.

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Sunday, October 24th, 2010 AT 9:01 PM

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Finally got the fuse box identification it is fuse number #36 according to the wiring diagram and the fuse box diagram,


also check fuses number 33 and number 17 and report back.
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Monday, October 25th, 2010 AT 2:48 PM
Here are the wiring diagram for the headlight, there is a lighting module that goes out on these cars, but check all power sources.

Here is the guide to show you how


From the diagram looks like it's computer control from the light switch, but you may have a bad igniter on the left side double check your connections make sure the pins are not damaged be very careful there are 20,000 Volts it will be like getting shot by the cops with their taser Gun

You'll have to tell me exactly everything you did to the left front headlight including everything you took apart and the parts you replace, that is a very complicated headlight and I'm afraid you may have done something wrong on the reassembly.

We are going to have to start over from the basics, electrical problems are very complicated especially on a BMW disconnect the plug to the headlight and make sure that you have power using a test light.

Take a look at the wiring diagrams I sent you the outer directional indicator has the blue-green wire you need to check for power with the headlights on the solid blue one, and the yellow and white.

Please let us know what happens.

Best, Ken

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