1999 BMW 740



June, 13, 2009 AT 4:20 PM

Engine Performance problem
1999 BMW 740 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 19675 miles

dear sir, I got bmw 740i 1999 model year car & I have a lots of problems with that. Starting last month he getting stalle. Sometimes while runing engine shuting down automaticaly, sometimes engine stalle no accelaretion this happen also while running then I turn off the engine & start again. After that it's become normal again. Runing well for another few days. Then after few days same happen again. Also MIL indicator on. Then I try to diagnos the vehicle.I use bosch kts650 diagnostic tools. Then I saw some diagnostic trouble codes. 33 camshaft control bank 1 faulty, 34 camshaft control bank 2 faulty, 115 air-mass sensor signal too low. I replace the camshaft sensors & mass air flow sensor fuel pump & check all the wiring system. Then I did road test. But problems is still the same. Please sir I hope from you good information that I can fix my car well. Thank you


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April, 28, 2010 AT 9:55 AM

Check crank sensor this can cause the problem you described.
Did you replace cam sensor and MAF sensor with new parts? Some time you need to clear codes before computer will operate in close loop.

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