1989 BMW 535 How To Open BMW 535i Door Manually

  • 1989 BMW 535
1989 BMW 535 200K miles

I believe I have answer to problem. I too have dead battery, doors won’t unlock. In the past I’ve used the manual method (turning key counterclockwise past resistance while pulling up on door handle), but this time it didn’t seem to work. I hit final resistance, but door lock stem didn’t move up. Not wanting to break lock, I gave up. Came searched websites. Went out, tried again. Still not wanting to break lock, I gave up again. But finally after reading about jacking up the car, positive cables to trunk lights, etc. I decided I had nothing to lose: I would go out and turn key harder than I ever thought possible. This worked.

So solution is:

- Pull up on door handle while turning key counter-clockwise past resistance.
- Door handle will now pop up. But door will still be locked.
- Leave key where it is (at extreme left).
- Now release door handle and use both hands (!) To turn key counter-clockwise harder than you would ever think necessary (you think you’re going to break the locking mechanism!). Door lock-stem should now pop up and door will be unlocked.
- To get key out of lock you will have to pull up on door handle while turning key back in clockwise direction.

So that problem solved. (People were doing it correctly, just not with enough “enthusiasm”.)

But now I have new problem. How do I open the back doors so I can get to the battery to jump it?

Michael D
Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, January 6th, 2008 AT 11:53 AM

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You don't. The doors are in central arrest. Power up the system from under the hood and unlock the car from either of the front doors with the key
Was this
Saturday, January 12th, 2008 AT 11:02 PM

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